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You don’t need to be perfect or have it all together. You just need to start.

Written By Jenna Hushka

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I will forever be that kind of person who over packs on trips.

An extra pair of jeans just in case my other ones didn’t suffice. Two different kinds of body lotion in the event one disappears into thin air. And a hat I know I won’t wear but pack anyway just to have the option. The point is, I am this way because I like to be prepared.

When I am prepared, I don’t feel as stressed or alarmed if something out of the ordinary arises. When I’m in control and feel well equipped, I have more confidence in my next steps. I’m sure many of us do.

"We will likely never feel 100% ready but that shouldn’t prevent us from chasing something we want."

But life isn’t always a destination you can create a perfectly fine-tuned packing list for. Life is a continuous set of surprises and outcomes that you can never fully plan for. Because of this, it can feel daunting stepping into the unknown. It can feel like you are not ready, like you won’t succeed, or you are simply not good enough to start going for something. The fear of not being prepared for something can become crippling.

I have surely felt this way.

While I have been a writer for over 6+ years, at first I used to drown myself with negative self-doubt. I would convince myself I wasn’t good enough and that no one would care to read my work. I felt like a bit of an imposter sharing my writing with the world because in my head, I wasn’t all that great yet. I was not “prepared” nor did I feel fully ready. Besides my high school essays under my belt, I felt I didn’t have the tools necessary to begin writing in hopes other people would read it.

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I wouldn’t exactly call myself a J.K. Rowling today, but with over 100+ published pieces on the Internet, I am proud of the work I have since put out and the future work to come.

Now I didn’t get to where I am today by believing in the doubt that I wasn’t as good of a writer as the authors featured on the New York Times Best Sellers list, I got there by putting my head down and starting. I got there by knowing I was going to make errors along the way and being open to growth. I got there by immersing myself in the thoughts that pulled me to action rather than kept me immobile. I got there by ridding myself of the need to be perfect or fully prepared and began to take baby steps to grow with my writing.

I am proud that I started, even when I felt unsure.

I hope you too, wherever you are at in life, in a skill, an interest, hobby, or whatever else it might be, choose to start above all else.

"You will never know what you are capable of until you start."

The truth is, we will ever have this complete “GO” moment before we begin something. The stars will never perfectly align as they do in the astrology books and Mercury will always be in some kind of retrograde. We will likely never feel 100% ready, but that shouldn’t prevent us from chasing something we want.

You cannot let fear and the need to have it all together get in the way of doing what excites you most in life. You will never know what you are capable of until you start. You will never be able to grow and give yourself the opportunity to compound any kind of skill, until you start.

So start big. Start with small incremental steps. Start with a routine. Start with even some positive thoughts, but please make sure you start one way or another.




Jenna Hushka

Jenna Hushka is a writer, business lady, and thought creator. She has a mission to inspire others through uplifting words, and a little sarcasm. Living in Los Angeles, she finds her passion meeting people and finding ways to learn from everyone. She has traveled to over 30 countries and continues to write with articles reaching thousands of views.

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