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Nootropics: A natural boost in focus, memory and mood at work!

Written By Mitch Glaser

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all-natural nootropics for holistic wellness

Credit: Jason Sean Weiss

Nootropics are helping ambitious people stay productive amid competing priorities and all the distractions of working from home. So, what are they?

What are nootropics?

First of all, nootropics are NOT “limitless pills”. They do NOT “make you a genius”.  But they do, however, do something amazing that we can all appreciate and understand… make us feel awake, calm & collected and closer to the best version of ourselves! These supplements provide an all-natural boost in energy levels and enhanced mental clarity that together help you focus and manage stress as you tackle that long list of to-do’s each day.

Our team at Fredi wanted to write this blog post to help people understand that all-natural nootropics are just like that coffee in the morning for a busy working mom… but better. It’s the perfect addition to your morning routine.

We’ve designed our nootropic product, Focused by Fredi, to be the perfect compliment to your morning coffee that enhances the desired effects of coffee, and decreases the jitters. 

Keep reading for a little bit of background on what nootropics are and why Focused by Fredi is the best nootropic option for women.

"Nootropics make us feel awake, calm & collected, and closer to the best versions fo ourselves!"

Nootropics: Defined

The term “nootropics” is a broad term for any substance that is designed to promote healthy cognitive function. You may not realize, but most of us ALREADY USE NOOTROPICS!  If you drink coffee, you are already a nootropics user! Caffeine, a stimulant, blocks adenosine, which is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel sleepy.  Just like the caffeine found naturally in coffee beans, there are other NATURAL nootropics that have other functional and beneficial effects on the brain.

In our view, there are three types of nootropics:

  1. All-Natural

    All-natural ingredients usually consisting of herbs, amino acids, mushrooms and other nutrients. (Like ours!)

  2. Synthetic

    Ingredients with chemical components that have been created in a laboratory.

  3. Prescription

    Chemical compounds that must be prescribed by a doctor.

"If you drink coffee, you're already a nootropics user!"
woman holding Focused by Fredi all-natural nootropics for holistic wellness

Credit: Jason Sean Weiss

What is Focused by Fredi, and why is it great for women?

Focused by Fredi is an all-natural nootropic supplement formulated by experts and is doctor-approved. 

We created this for women because we wanted to…

  1. Use all-natural ingredients that women felt safe to consume

    Many other nootropic brands use synthetic ingredients that lack a track record of safe consumption. We wanted to use only all-natural ingredients that have been used and researched extensively so that women knew what they were putting into their bodies.

  2. Emphasize stress reduction properties over stimulating effects

    Most of us enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, and most of us have probably felt what it’s like to over-do it on caffeine.  A racing heart, jitters/shakes and a little bit of anxiety are common side effects of too much caffeine.  We at Fredi HATE THAT FEELING.  Instead of packing Focused by Fredi with stimulants and other ingredients that act like stimulants, we focused more on the ingredients that provide stress relief properties like Ashwagandha & L-Theanine while adding only <50mg of caffeine (less than ½ a small cup of coffee).  This not only ensures you won’t be feeling over the top energized (or “cracked out” as the kids say), but it also allows you to pair this supplement with your morning coffee!  Focused by Fredi will actually boost the effects of your coffee by minimizing the negative effects – the jitters, anxiety AND the crash that comes later. 

"Fredi wanted to use only all-natural ingredients that have been used and researched extensively so that women knew what they were putting into their bodies."

What are the ingredients in Focused by Fredi?

  1. Ashwagandha

    A commonly used herb shown to help support the body’s ability to adapt to stress.  The active compounds in Ashwagandha naturally stimulate pathways for the neurotransmitter GABA, which promotes calmness and helps to regulate cortisol levels by increasing levels of dopamine and serotonin.

  2. L-Theanine

    An amino acid found naturally in green tea leaves that’s been shown to boost cognitive function and regulate stress.  This works in a similar way to ashwagandha, by increasing the levels of GABA within the brain.

  3. Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans

    Less than ½ a cup of coffee’s worth of natural caffeine that promotes energy, cognitive function and mood.  As previously mentioned, caffeine blocks adenosine, a neurotransmitter that can make you feel sleepy.

  4. Citicoline (Cognizin®*)

    A natural nutrient shown to support energy & focus by increasing neurotransmitter activity.  Citicoline increases an important substance in the brain called phosphatidylcholine that is critical for healthy brain function.

    * Cognizin® is a registered trademark of KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO. LTD.

  5. Bacopa Leaf

    An increasingly popular herb shown to promote memory and recall.  When taken consistently over time, the active compounds in Bacopa Leaf have been shown to increase the brains inter-neuronal communicative ability.

  6. Lion's Mane

    A mushroom extract shown to help protect against the harmful effects of aging on the brain.  The active compounds and antioxidants in Lion’s Mane have been shown to reduce inflammation and protect against the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

If you’re looking for more info on nootropics, check out this article from Women’s Health Magazine!

You can always reach our team with questions at

Mitch Glaser

Mitch Glaser, banker turned entrepreneur, is the Cofounder of Fredi! Throughout his high-pressure career on Wall St, he has experimented with a wide variety of methods to keep his productivity up. He is excited to share his insights with you surrounding productivity and mindset hacks, business, nootropics, and finance.


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