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New Year, Same You

Written By Shayne Hindes

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Each year when the New Year rings in, left and right I see people scurrying to suddenly reinvent themselves.

I used to be the same way. I would rush to the gym Jan 1st, hop on the treadmill and think to myself, ‘Change starts today’. I would start a new crazy diet, or promise myself to meditate 10 minutes a day.

I would make a list of all of my New Year Resolutions in my little “notes” section in my iPhone, determined to make a change in my life. I would pretty much do anything to convince myself that it’s a New Year, so there has to be a new me.

However, putting all of that pressure of a transformative future on one single date in January, is a recipe for disaster. Even if you’re trying to improve yourself and go into a New Year with a new vision, doing it with a personal pressure is nothing but stressful.

Stress and pressure, is absolutely not the way anyone should have to feel after the holiday. So, I ask that for a moment, try to forget about any New Year resolutions you have made.

"Putting all of that pressure of a transformative future on one single date in January, is a recipe for disaster."

Something I have started doing that has helped me get through each week is make a list of goals I want to accomplish.

Every Sunday evening, I will take a few minutes to jot down 8-10 goals and reminders in the “notes” section of my phone. (Something important I want to add before you read on is, there is no “correct” or “right” way to go about this.)

The point of a goal list is to make life a little bit easier for you. So, let this list be anything you need to see to take some pressure off of  your upcoming week. The goals can be really small, like, mailing something you have been putting off, or limiting social media usage. The goals can be bigger, like, finishing writing a chapter in your book or hitting the gym three times this week. For example, this week one of my goals was simply a statement, Do not compare yourself to others; a gentle reminder, but an important one that I needed see.

Whatever a goal looks like to you, write it down!  Making a list gives your mind and body a chance to ease up on the planning (it already does so much) and have ready what you need to accomplish to finish the week feeling like “The best you”.  Life isn’t perfect, and that is something a Goal List will help you come to peace with.

I myself, find that I often have repeat goals many weeks. For example, if I didn’t finish a chapter in my book like I wanted to, I will include it again on the following week’s List. But, I’ll always make sure to ask myself why this happened. Self-assessment is important because it helps you understand the root cause of why you are completing or not completing certain goals.

Assessment will help make for an even more successful and attainable list the following week.  Did you load up your week with too many social obligations? This week, try setting a “reminder goal” (as counter-intuitive that may be) to say “yes” less.

Didn’t meet all of your goals this week? Remove one or two for the following week and take your time! Let the completion of your goals be a learning mechanism as a way to get to know yourself better and shape your future accomplishments. 

Instead of saving the goals and resolutions for the New Year and putting so much pressure on yourself to suddenly make changes all at once, try being the best you, every day and every week. Whatever that means to you! 

"Take some pressure off and make sure to recognize all you have accomplished this year."

This time around, let The New Year be nothing more than a celebration of your best self. It’s a salute to all you have achieved, all you have pushed through. It’s the clink of flutes filled with your favorite prosecco, celebrating future achievements. It’s the celebration of past lows, some future struggles and all of the extraordinary moments. Let it be just another day while it celebrates YOU.

When did The New Year only become about resolutions? We have every day of the year for that. Take some pressure off and make sure to recognize all you have accomplished this year.

Starting now, make a list, and set some small goals for the first week in January. Let them be practical, and more importantly, let the list create peace.

Know that the best resolution to have, if you had to pick one, is to be patient with yourself.  Keep being your best self, setting standards, making goals, and working hard.




Shayne Hindes

Hi! I’m Shayne! I’m a country girl at heart, growing up in rural Connecticut. When I was 18, I moved to Manhattan to attend college and follow my dreams of being a city girl. Little did I know, my degree would lead to a modeling career. I now model full-time, while I am working on my masters in nutrition. I love to write about wellness, mental health, science, and nutrition! When I am not writing for Fredi, I am writing my cookbook, soon to be released in 2020.