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Acknowledging Adversity in Meditation

Written By Mitch Glaser

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Our bodies do not respond well to betrayal. Self-betrayal is no different. Honoring yourself and your needs is one of the most crucial parts of a good wellness practice. Ignorance is bliss until it becomes an overflowing, undeniable, out-of-control resentment monster that sucks the happiness out of everything it can. Meditation is an outlet that will ensure you are being fulfilled. While the meditation umbrella is large and there is no wrong way to do it, acknowledging adversity in your practice is a great way to make sure your needs are being met and that you are respecting your own emotions instead of shoving them down.

A good meditation routine is one that incorporates 3 things: Breath, Gratitude, and Acknowledgement.


Breath is one of the most effective practices in physiologically resetting the brain. There are a couple of different methods, some more extreme (like the Ice Man), and others easier (like 4-4-4). The main idea is to control your breath in a way that is comfortable and easy for you. Breathing in for 4 seconds, holding for 4 seconds, and exhaling for 4 seconds is a great breathing technique for beginners and even experts to allow you to be present with a wise mind.


Studies show that people who are more grateful create cognitive pathways with a tendency towards positivity. By creating positive habits in our processing of situations, we are able to see the world around us in a generally positive light making for a happier disposition and a more productive outlook on life. Take a moment to think of the things you are truly grateful for and the support they give you.


After settling into a meditative state using breathing techniques and doing a gratitude exercise, you might consider going deeper. With closed eyes and a settled heart, think about the things that are causing you stress or pain at the moment. Instead of brushing over them as you may have been doing all week long to get to “more important things”, acknowledge that this is your safe space to sit with your discomfort, feel the emotions it is creating inside of you, and instead of letting go, think of another time you felt that way. Reminisce in the growth you have undergone since that time and understand that this time is no different. This struggle is not something to ignore or get over, but another testament to your resilience.

Hopefully, you have walked away with an enlightened perspective. You have dropped into your wise mind through your breath, you have appreciated the things in your life that support you, and you have tended to the wounds that have been tugging at your subconscious.

Mitch Glaser

Mitch Glaser, banker turned entrepreneur, is the Cofounder of Fredi! Throughout his high-pressure career on Wall St, he has experimented with a wide variety of methods to keep his productivity up. He is excited to share his insights with you surrounding productivity and mindset hacks, business, nootropics, and finance.


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