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6 Signs of Burnout

Written By Mitch Glaser

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Credit: Jason Sean Weiss for Fredi

I used to think of burnout as a state of being where I was working tirelessly at a job in which the fulfillment I received on the backend, didn’t match the effort I put forward on the front end. 

I spent the first 7 years of my career working in finance where I was EXTREMELY burnt out – long days that often extended into the early hours of the morning, stressful short-term timelines, zero boundaries for my personal time and an inability to express myself creatively.  

It wasn’t until I started working for myself, on a mission I was passionate about, with a product I had been an avid user of for years, that I realized burnout is something that EVERYONE experiences.  Over the last year, I felt burnt out on multiple occasions while building Fredi. This led me to begin reflecting on what it actually means to be burnt out – because according to my old definition, I should be nowhere near it! 

I would have thought I would wake up feeling energized and motivated day in and day out because I knew I was building something for myself.  Alas, this was not the case.

I now believe that burnout is simply our bodies and brains asking for a detox.  We all know that too much of a good thing, can be a very bad thing.  Our work, no matter how meaningful and fulfilling it may be, unfortunately is no different!  

"I realized burnout is something that EVERYONE experiences."

Through our content, our partnerships and our products, we aim to provide different pieces of a greater puzzle that add up to “holistic wellness for your busy brain”.  When you put those pieces together, our goal is to have provided you with the tools you need to live a balanced lifestyle that allows you to work hard, produce high quality work and do so over long periods of time without (or minimizing) the feelings of burnout.  

In order to prevent burnout, it’s important to understand the symptoms. Here are the 6 key symptoms of burnout I’ve learned to recognize in myself: 

  1. Lacking confidence

    While not always obvious, we often times draw our confidence through the passion and purpose of our personal or professional mission. When that passion-fueled fire inside us dies out, our confidence diminishes as well.

  2. Unable to concentrate

    Spending 20 minutes at a time scrolling Instagram, watching YouTube and texting friends in between projects and work emails? We have all been there. Our brain is craving distraction… anything to transport us out of work mode. We all know how quickly 20 minutes here and there add up and how it isn’t helping us get where we want to go… yet, we can’t stop.

  3. Easily irritated

    “Really? You can’t even spell out the words thank you? Tx is all I get?!”. Sound familiar? When we’re burnt out, the tiniest forms of disrespect or the need to do remedial, uninteresting work gets under our skin SO EASILY. It’s a horrible place to be where our whole mindset turns negativity and we become eternal pessimists.

  4. No motivation

    Have your huge goals and ambitions suddenly become “Do the bare minimum to not get fired and sign off the second the clock strikes 5pm?”. No one should spend all of those hours each day watching the clock slowly tick towards your daily dose of freedom.

  5. Feeling depressed

    Work is a huge part of our lives. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, work is THE BIGGEST part of our lives from a time commitment standpoint (outside of sleeping). When our professional lives suffer, we begin to feel like our entire lives are suffering.

  6. Personal relationships are beginning to suffer

    The stress and depression that come along struggling to feel happy and fulfilled in the workplace often creep into our personal relationships, which simply throws more fuel on the flame of burnout. We’re now hurting more than ever, with less people close enough to talk to about it.

I know the above will resonate with many of you, as it really is exactly what the team here at Fredi has dealt with many times in the past.  

Fortunately, we are hyper focused on helping you through this problem at Fredi!!!


Mitch Glaser

Mitch Glaser, banker turned entrepreneur, is the Cofounder of Fredi! Throughout his high-pressure career on Wall St, he has experimented with a wide variety of methods to keep his productivity up. He is excited to share his insights with you surrounding productivity and mindset hacks, business, nootropics, and finance.


Follow along with him on Instagram and LinkedIn. Check out some of his blog posts, including Nootropics: Holistic wellness for your busy brain.