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 10 Limiting Beliefs I’ve Gotten Rid of to Change My Life For The Better

Written By Jenna Hushka

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It’s pretty easy to convince ourselves that we are not the problem. That it is 100% external factors that are locking us away from our true potential. 

I’ve believed it. 

It’s taken me years to realize that myself and myself alone is responsible for accelerating my life. Anything else is just an excuse.

Remembering this is easier said than done. If you’re like me, we form habits of feeding our brain with limiting thoughts that don’t benefit us.

The problem is, if we continuously plant limiting beliefs in our own heads, they will prevail. They will compound and over time become your truth. This is why we must get rid of them.


Here are 10 limiting beliefs I continue to rid myself of, in order to live my best life:

  1. “I will wait for the right moment”

    When we wait for all the stars to align, we are actually pushing ourselves farther from the end goal. It could be years before this magical “spotlight” of a moment happens. It also could be never. Re-train your brain to recognize, the best time is now—In the present.

  2. “I am not qualified enough to do this”

    We all have to start somewhere, and truthfully, if you are brave enough to go after what you want odds are you are already ahead of what many people will ever do. Besides, you are as good as you believe you are.  I think of the Confucius quote, “Those who think they can and those who think they can't are both usually right.”.

  3. “People might judge me”

    The minute you learn to let go of what others have to think about you, the minute you become free. People will forever form opinions. Let them. If at all, you need to judge yourself. Judge who you were yesterday, who you are today and who you are tomorrow. This way you realize how much progress you are making in life. That is what matters ultimately.

  4. “I am way behind others”

    Your journey is 100% exclusive from anyone else’s. Just because someone has done something you want to accomplish, does not mean it is wiped off the table for you to achieve. I’ve realized, you gain nothing by comparing yourself with others. Period. 

  5. “There is always someone better than me”

    This is true. You know what else is true? There is also someone worse than you. There is also someone (insert any adjective) more than you. But sticking to this belief will paralyze you into becoming a bystander while others work towards their best lives.

  6. “I’ll be better off staying where I am at”

    You are actually worse off by sticking to a life that doesn’t bring you ultimate joy and happiness. Life is too short and too precious to just go through the motions. Life is too short to settle for mediocre. 

  7. “My fears are telling me to stay back”

    When warranted, fear can elude to safety. But you must remember, fear is trying to protect you from any potential failure or rejection. Fear prefers we stay in our comfortable little box. But that does not mean it’s best for us. What’s safe about keeping you from the life you should live? 

  8. "Other people know what's best for me"

    While others can help inspire and guide you, you and you alone decide the path of your life. Embrace your own thoughts, feel your feelings, and start trusting your intuition. Find your own happiness first. It doesn’t need to fit with anyone else’s expectations or standards to feel good enough. 

  9. “Everything will work itself out in the end”

    Believing everything will magically just work out is a naïve way of avoiding discomfort. This kind of disbelief is encouraging you that your actions don’t play a role in shaping your life. That if you simply exist, your ideal life will fall into place. But this is false. You must start questioning the norms. And you must stop underestimating your own capabilities.

  10. “I don’t have time”

    This may be the worst one of all. You do have time, however you are choosing to spend it in ways that do not serve you. If you have time to watch TV, hang with friends, take a nap, scroll social media, you do have time. You have time because as long as we are alive, each day you have time to take action in your life. 

"Myself and myself alone is responsible for accelerating my life."

The next time you feel these limiting beliefs creep into your head, eliminate them. 


I urge anyone who is reading this to challenge your limiting beliefs, quit assuming the worst, and halt the negative self-talk that keeps you from pursuing greatness. 

Jenna Hushka

Jenna Hushka is a writer, business lady, and thought creator. She has a mission to inspire others through uplifting words, and a little sarcasm. Living in Los Angeles, she finds her passion meeting people and finding ways to learn from everyone. She has traveled to over 30 countries and continues to write with articles reaching thousands of views.

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